Who we are

KAF is a non-profit and non-political community based organization for national engagement in ending Tuberculosis, KAF aims is to reduce the burden of tuberculosis among vulnerable communities in South Sudan in collaboration with the National Ministry of Health and other stakeholders.  KAF was founded in 2017 by Philip Kuol Awou who suffered from Tuberculosis during Childhood. Because of total lack of medical services Kuol Awou suffer a TB complication, which eventually deformed his chest permanently. Currently, KAF has a country office at Juba with five coordination staffs. Our activities are funded by the Founder. KAF target the general population and High risk groups in especial:

  • People living with HIV/AIDS
  • Children
  • People living in Congregated settings: Slums, Prisons, Military Barrack, IDPs/POC Camps.